15 May 2013 Michael Channel, Distractions

15 May 2013

Michael Channel


Okay, this trial is going on and everybody is getting all crazy about it. Wade’s accusation was put out there as a distraction, a diversion to get you all hyped up about one thing so you miss other things. The best thing you can do is forget about it, ignore it. You must learn that what fools say has nothing to do with you. I mean, you know, if you want to stand outside of where he is and tell the truth, that’s fine, but you’re wasting a lot of anger. You really are. The best thing you could do right now is take your hearts, open them up, and send love to my family. Instead of looking at the negativity and putting your energy there, look at the positivity. Use that instead. Give your love. Give of your love in the biggest way, to my children – their lives are the ones that matter – to my mother, to my family. Whether you like them or not, now that I’m not there to attack, everyone else is getting it. Don’t be sad. Don’t be angry. If you feel any of these negative things, turn them around. Turn them into love for, not hate against, not anger against, but love for. Take the energy and transmute it. Transmute it to love.


Help my children to get through this difficult time, just by sending them love. That’s all you need to do. They have been put on the planet for a very special purpose. They were given to me for a very special reason which you’ll understand some years down the line. I love them so dearly, but they could use some support right now. Not venom, not venom, but love. Put the light in your heart. Put the light in your hearts. Put all your concentration in love.


If you want to think of this as a battle between good and evil and you consider what Wade has done to be evil, well, the more you give your attention to it the more it grows. That’s how physics works. Energy grows where attention goes. So don’t give your attention to the negative. Give you attention to the love. The answer to everything, everything, everything, everything in the world is love. And if you’re feeling like you don’t know what to do, the answer is always the same. Just love. It’s what I always say. So please, put your attention back where it belongs, in your hearts, in your love. The rest will fall away if it receives no attention. That’s how it works. I embrace you all. I love you all. I really, really do. Never, ever, ever think that I’m anywhere away from you or far from you. I’m always with you and I always love you, every single one of you. And as I give you my love, I ask you to give your love, shine your love, and that’s it. I love you. Namaste.


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26 April 2013 Get the Sand out of Your Bathing Suit

Get the Sand out of your Bathing Suit 

Hi, Greetings. I love you all. Termination.  Endings. I want to talk about endings, people worrying or being upset about things being over. I want you all to understand that an ending is also a beginning, and how you deal with it will have to do with how you perceive it. There are things we have to let go of in life, that although we think they shouldn’t be over, they are, and sometimes we just don’t want to walk away. We don’t want to let them go, we don’t want to shut the door on them, but they are at that point past, and though you may feel a sentimental need to think about them or to feel wistful about them, they are done. And you have to accept that, and you have to know that when you close the door on the past you have already walked through into the new future experience. I understand how hard it is when things end, as you know from my music. In the human state it is just such a strong tendency to hang on, but it’s necessary to let go. Especially now this is so important as we see a new era beginning for humanity. We have to let go. You have to let go of the old ways of thinking. You have to be able to let go when your friends leave your life, when your lovers leave your life, when anyone leaves your life. Even if it really hurts, just realize you are on a very, very accelerated path right now, except people are going at their own rates, and some people are really, really leaping into the new age and some are really hanging on to the old, and most of you are somewhere in the middle, riding the wave.

 But, as you ride the wave, sometimes you get some sand caught in your bathing suit, and it’ll slow you down. You gotta let the sand out of your bathing suit and ride the wave without it. Understand that letting go of the past isn’t leaving you empty. It’s opening you up to the fullness, the richness, the brightness, the thrill, the excitement, the fun of what’s to come. If you could only see how incredible it is, you would be so willing, and yet I know you worry sometimes what if this, what if that, what if my family member, what if my love done, what if my best friend is left behind….You can’t worry about them because everyone is on their own path. Nothing’s going to happen to them. Nothing’s wrong about it. Nothing’s wrong about where anyone is or stays or goes. So don’t worry about anyone. They’ll be fine. You just can’t hang on to them if they want to go in a different direction from you, no matter how much you love someone; and no matter how much you perceive that their choices aren’t right, their choices are always right for them, for how they are, and where they are on their path at the moment, just as yours are. You can’t make anyone else go where you think they should go, and you can’t make anyone else stay with you if they choose to be in a different reality from the one you choose. All you can do is always love them. Let them be who they are, and know that ultimately none of us is separate from anyone. We are all one, really one. The separateness is pure illusion.

 This really is in essence a game, and if you are in one place in the game and they are in some other place in the game, it’s okay, because eventually the game’s gonna be over and you’re gonna go home and you’re gonna see them again, so not to worry. Just as some humans still mourn my passing and think I’m gone, others of you don’t mourn at all because you know I’m with you every second, and you know you’re one with me. You’re also one with each other as I’m one with everyone and everything, everywhere. We all are. Know that what lies before you is adventure, paradise, fun. Follow your guides. Follow your instincts. Follow your joy. Follow your higher self, and if you really know how to listen, sometimes you’ll hear instructions that sound off the mark, but do what they say. And I’m not talking about your fear talking to you or your hangups talking to you. I’m talking about the real, real you. Not everyone knows how to listen the way I’m talking about, so this particular piece of advice is just for those who know how to listen to their instincts and their higher selves. They’ll always take you where you need to go, even if it’s not what you perceive at the moment. They’re the ones on the top of the bus. They’re the ones on the top of the mountain. They’re the ones who can see what’s around the bend that you can’t see. Leave worry behind. It’s not anything you need.

 I love you all. Words are escaping me at the moment. There are times when I just feel so filled with your love and my love for you that there are no words for the feeling. Worry not, because every one of you is just fine and will be. Watch for me in your dreams. I’ll be there. I love you.

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Michael Channel 29 March 2013 “Focus”

29 March2013 

Michael channel: “FOCUS” I want to talk about focus. I told you the other day to keep your focus, and I mean on anything, on whatever it is you want at the moment or in life. There are always distractions. I’m giving Alex the image of when you’re creating a dance. She knows what I mean. Focus is when you are so intent on something that you don’t hear noises outside of what you’re doing or outside of yourself. You must train yourself not to be distracted by outside noises, by criticism, by laughter, by derision, by lack of understanding by any people, by anyone. What it is you want is what you go for. I hear an owl outside….Michael is showing me a picture of him. It keeps being there. He’s in the light and he’s spinning and it’s spinning and creation is happening. Here he comes. Yes, that’s the image I want you to have. I want you to realize that that is not just me. It’s everyone, every individual that’s creation. There’s an axis that you can feel in your body. It runs from above your crown chakra all the way straight through you into the ground. It’s an axis of energy, and if you allow yourself to feel that, you can fill yourself with it. You can make it narrower. You can make it bigger than you. You can do whatever you want with it, but it is always there. If you are needing to focus on something, on anything, if you’re taking a math test or any other test, if you’re at work and you want to concentrate on your work, if you are creating – the best thing you can do ever is to create of course – feel your way to the energy that’s inside you that runs north to south, south to north. Still yourself, quiet yourself. Let that energy move you, incite you, speak to you, motivate you, and give you what you need, and that may be the answers to the test, let it come through you. It will be if you’re creating, whatever it is, it comes through that. With that concentration of energy it becomes effortless. Feel it. Right now, feel it. Stand or sit, or lie down, quiet yourself, and picture that axis of energy running through you. Feel it. If you want to hear me speaking to you, this is how to do it. Listen for me–not too intently. Just invite me and wait. Feel that energy centered in you, and you will hear me.


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Michael Channel 26 March 2013

For those new to these channels:  Michael likes me to give a channel from him once a month, normally on the 25th, but sometimes it gets done a little later.  Before this, the channel was a Major Love Prayer experience.   He is not the only one who speaks through me, but this month I felt him at my side waiting for me to get the recorder out.  His words are transcribed below.  


Hello everyone. I love you so much more than that. First and foremost, above everything else and before everything else, I send you my love. Feel it. Feel my love. Feel me loving you. I give to each of you my love in whatever form you can and will accept, and whatever form you need. I want you to know always, at all moments, that you are divinely loved. It’s the most important thing in the world. No matter what you do, no matter where you go, no matter how the world looks, you are love and I want every one of you to fill yourselves, fill your hearts, fill your bodies, feel the love that is your own soul. You may look at news in the world that upsets you. You may have things in your life that disturb you. Let them flow through you and out, and as you invite them to flow out, invite divine love in. Call on me anytime. If you feel that you are not enough, though you certainly are, call on me. I am here for you. I’m always here for you. Don’t worry. Leave worry behind. Let worry go. Worry creates a lower vibration. It’s so important right now that you smile. It’s so important right now that you’re happy. It’s so important for you to do whatever thrills you, whatever makes your heart soar. S-O-A-R. Feel the light, the light within you, the light without you, the light you are, the light the universe is, the light god is, the light I am. Open your hearts and fret not, for the world is transforming, and so are you. I love you with everything I am, and I give to each of you a spark of my love to hold within your heart and reach for anytime. Keep your focus. Keep your focus on love. Love is your armor. Love is your shield. Love is your being. You are so much more than you know, and so much more than you were. Carry on with everything in your life with joy in your hearts and if you feel less than joyful, stop. Close your eyes, breathe slowly and deeply, and put in your forehead a picture of a lovely flower opening up into its brilliance and its beauty, and feel the joy in that beauty, and know that that is what you are, and anything else is only a distraction, because the only truth is love, and only love is truth. I love you all. You are all so very blessed. Namaste.

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Monthly Channel 27 December 2012

27 December 2012

Monthly channel 


Me: Michael you’ve been so joyous this week. 

Michael: Yes, I’m dancing so much. Christmas is such an amazing time. People really light up and the planet really lights up with love and joy, and it makes me want to dance. I see how beautifully you all are arising from the ashes, from your depths. Some of you are having some difficulties, yeah, yeah, you are, some of you. But understand that you are going through a big change, and the planet is going through a big change, and it seems like being an adolescent all over again. Your bodies are changing, your physiologies are changing, your chemistries are changing, and you’re going to be up and down, and sometimes not understand how you feel or what to do or what even you’re thinking. And if you’re an adolescent anyway, maybe it just feels normal, or maybe it just feels even worse, or even more heightened. But it’s okay. It’s all okay. You all chose to be here at this time, and although you may not know it consciously, you prepared for this, and you will get through it. And the joy waiting for you on the other side is immeasurable, and I can’t wait to hug you in person when you get here. I know some of you are asking if you’ll be able to see me for real, and I’ll tell you now, yes. Yes you will. And I can’t wait. I love you all so much. 

Don’t fret. Don’t allow tension to take you over. Just roll with it, whatever comes. Accept that it’s part of the journey, part of the process, part of the change, part of whatever you’re going through. No matter how stuck or bad or angry or whatever you feel, just allow yourself to feel it. You won’t get rid of it by fighting it. You get rid of it by going through it. So allow yourself to just feel whatever it is you feel, and don’t allow worry to pick at you at all. Please feel my love, and if you don’t, ask for it. Open your heart to it. Because if you think no-one loves you, you’re very, very wrong. Maybe you are having trouble finding love from other humans, but don’t worry about that, because everyone is going through trying times or different times or times of change, and if they can’t give love to someone else, that’s not you. That’s them. You are made from love and you are love, and if you need to feel loved by someone, ask me. And I will show you not only my love, but the thousands of entities that are here on the other side who love you just as much as I do. It would knock you right off your feet if you could feel it all at once. It’s quite overwhelming. But you are loved. 

You have angels, you have guides, you have friends, you have loved ones you’ve known in this lifetime or others who are all here cheering for you and here to help you. They have one rule: You have to ask them. They are only allowed to help you if you ask. So ask. Ask your angels, ask your guides, ask michael, ask jesus, ask whoever. Or just ask Spirit in general. “Help.” Use that word. Help. Help me. Say it. And we are right here waiting to help you. And after you ask, all you have to do is pay attention. Relax. Relax. And pay attention. Meditate, exercise, dance, yoga, all of these things help release your tension in your body, release your tension in your mind. Ask for what you need and it is given to you. I love you all so much.

 (Michael steps aside and Jesus begins)

Jesus: I gather you all to me. I hold you to my breast, all of you, and I ask you to look forward with me into the brightness, into what you see as future. It’s magical. It’s loving. And in it lies every one of your wishes fulfilled. I ask you to walk with me directly into it. It is a beautiful new beginning that you are embarking on. Many of you who are younger were born with this magic and always knew it. Some of you who are older also know and have known. Those of you who don’t feel it, look to the young adults, to the teenagers, and sometimes even to the young children. Listen to them. If they say things that seem a little different, pay attention. They know things you may have forgotten when you came here, or that your parents may have taught you aren’t real. The children will lead you. This is so true. Age really means nothing, and don’t discount older ones who’ve learned as well. Anyone who has the knowledge, who understands the magic, is to be paid attention to. Just, never discount a child’s advice or a child’s knowledge, because the new children know so much. They were born at this time intentionally to help. They’re here to help everyone along. Don’t feel that your age makes you more than anyone else as you grow and mature. Enjoy what you are. Enjoy what you have. Enjoy where you are in your own journey, but don’t think that if someone’s younger than you that they know less, because they may know more. Listen to the children and come along with me. There is only joy, thrilling joy ahead of you. I love you all. Until next time.


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20-21 December 2012 Evening Channel

Note:  When I decided to do regular channeling, I was given the name Jesus, Michael and Joseph.  Sometimes I’m not clear on who exactly is talking, which may mean it’s Joseph.  We know who Jesus is, and we know who Michael is, but I’m not sure which Joseph it is.  I do know this was channeled through me, with much, much love.  Since I don’t know for sure the identity of the entity, I call this JMJ, as that is the name they gave me.  Enjoy:

 20 December 2012 11:10 pm

JMJ: This is not a time for fear. This is a time for celebrating, for rejoicing. There is so much speculation going on. It’s almost maddening. It’s too much. It’s too much. There really is no need for this. Enjoy the changes the world is bringing you. Feel the love the Universe provides for you. And don’t worry. Let that go. Let that go. This is the dawning of the age of aquarius. This is such a real thing. It is a dawning. It is morning. It is a beginning. Don’t think about “end.” Past is always just the past. It’s a beginning. Dear, sweet humans, though I hesitate to say that word, because you’re just in a form right now that says you’re human, but you’re just like I am or anyone else. You’re beautiful sparks of god, every one of you, and it’s time for you to know that. At last, at last, after many, many, many, many eons of toil, as you see it, on this planet, on your planet, on earth, where everything has been so hard, now you bear the fruit. You bear the fruit of your labor, the fruit of your work, the reward for all of these long, hard-earned, learned lessons, and you can lie back in your chaise longue with your pina coladas and enjoy the sun and the sky and the beach and the forest and the fields and each other. It’s time for you to know that God is not separate from you; God is you. God is you. You are God. For god made everyone out of him-herself in its own image. Take that very literally, *very literally*, and learn that you have the same powers as your creator. The new children know this. Some of them are afraid to say so. Some of them are tormented for saying so, for so many people still live in the old paradigm. Don’t pay attention to those. As always, it’s focus, focus, focus. Maintain your own power. Realize it’s yours. Know how loved you are. Know how beautiful you are, every one of you. Release your resistance to all that’s love. Don’t work so hard.  Don’t think so hard. Just allow. It’s just allowing, it’s just allowing, it’s just allowing. Fill yourself with the light and love of your own divinity, and if you still feel that you have to reach outside for god, you can give yourself that illusion. Sure, reach outside, for god is everywhere. You are beginning to learn the truth. You are beginning ot peek under the veil. It’s lifting anyway, but you’re eager, and many of you have lifted it up so you can see better, and what’s beyond the veil is everything, everything, and it’s all yours. There’s just so much speculation going on, too much. There’s no need to be part of it. What’s gonna happen? Everybody’s saying what’s gonna happen, what do we have to do, what d9o we have to do? You don’t have to do anything. You have to un-do. What am I talking about? Just what I said. Just be. Just be. Human be-ings. Be-ings. Just be. And if someone’s pressuring you, take a breather. Get away from the pressure.  Don’t allow it to affect you. Put up your deflectors. Put up your shields. Keep your attention within. Eat what pleases you. Do what pleases you. Know that you are whole as you are. Any self-criticism that comes into your mind, let it float on by. Don’t take it in. If you hear yourself say oh, I’m so stupid or I’m so ugly or I’m so fat or I’m so anything… Okay, those thoughts come into your mind sometimes, but don’t allow them to sit there. Don’t allow negative thoughts of any kind, but certainly toward yourself, to fester in you. Just let them pass on through. Just let them pass on through. You know they’re not valid. They’re not. Because you’re really pure light, you’re really pure love. You’re really pure gods. And I know that for some of you that’s kind of hard to hear, so take it to whatever degree you’re able right now, and realize that what I’m saying is just what I said before, that you were made in the image of god. Well, that doesn’t mean image minus anything. You are all sparks of god. You are all parts of god, of your source. God is your source. Understand that. When you talk of higher beings, advanced souls, you don’t need to think of them as better than you, as more than you. Yeah, Michael is a real special guy. He is, he is. Jesus is a real special guy. Diana, Teresa, yeah. There have been lots of special people. They just knew who they were, or they were able to express who they really were and people saw it and felt it and may not have understood it, but you are all great ones. You are all great ones, and all people like Michael or Jesus wanted you to know is that you are. They just wanted to lead you to your own greatness, to your own godness, to your own true selves, to the source that’s within you all. We love you so very much. We love you so – very – much. And we give you this message from our hearts to yours. We want your hears to be filled with love, just filled. There is no better feeling. Ask us anytime for help. We are always here for you, and we want you to understand that it’s really very, very simple. It’s just love. It’s just love. You don’t need to define love. You don’t need to say well, if you’re loving then this, if you have love then that. Well, what is love? Don’t worry about that. Just feel it. Just feel it. The rest comes if you feel it. And you can use whatever means you need. You can feel love from michael, feel love from jesus, feel love from me, feel love from us, feel your own love. Feel love from whomever, but just feel love. You don’t have to do it that way. You can just feel your own love. Just know that you’re a spark of god. Look within. Look at your heart. Look for the light in there. If you can just sit quietly and focus your attention on your heart, in your heart, and see inside your heart a white ball of tremendous, bright white light. Oh, yes, and that light is love. And imagine that light expanding, and filling your chest and filling your body and filling your legs and your head and going beyond you. And now you’re in heaven on earth. And you are who you really are. You are love itself. What more is there to say? So that is the message. Let the speculation slide by. Let the fear pass you. Let the negativity go, and fill yourself with love. Until next time.


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Monthly Transmission 25 November 2012

Note:  The first part is from an unnamed entity, I would say either Joseph or the trio (or quartet, as I’m one too, they tell me) in its entirety.  The second part is Michael.  Please don’t skip the first part. 😉


25 November 2012 

Monthly channel: You are all worried about what you perceive to be increasing violence on this planet. This channel keeps telling you to focus on the positive, but you find it difficult. You see so much around you that worries you or scares you. You just feel helpless and like it’s just getting worse and worse and worse, and you don’t know what to do about it. And what I have to tell you is, Just love. Just love. Just love. Just. Love. Love everyone, love everything. The more you judge things, in any way, positively or negatively, the more you are really throwing judgment at yourself. If you send love to everything, to everyone, to the war, to the people in it, to the children, to the soldiers, to your parents, to everyone you’ve always hated, to everyone who’s been horrible to you, to everyone who’s been good to you, to everyone who’s ever hurt you, toyourself, more than anything to yourself. Love yourself, love yourself, love yourself. The more you do that, the more the world will feel better, the more love you’ll perceive in the world. You know, this channel is focusing on love and ignoring things like the war, and refuses to look at those pictures. That’s because as the earth is giving birth right now to the new earth, she wishes very much to be part of the new earth. If that is what you want, if you want a world without any of this “stuff” that you don’t like, that you say you don’t like, if you want that kind of a world, that is the world you must envision. You must envision what it is you want. You must not concentrate on everything you don’t want. It is simple physics but you may not understand that. But it is. It is. It is very, very simple, and I don’t know why it’s not so obvious to you, but I guess on the earth plane it’s just harder to see, and you’ve had so many thousands of years of this violence, people hurting people, and here you are in the time of the greatest, greatest change in the whole history of the planet, and everything moving away from that. But as that happens, what you will perceive is that the side of the old and the negative and the violence is more apparent. But if you look at the side of the love and the positive, it is just as much more apparent. There is a split happening. It’s a split. There’s an old earth and a new earth. Which one do you want to be on? It is up to you. We do not judge you one way or another. You may choose the old earth. You may choose the violence and the negativity and all those things you say you don’t like, but some of you just aren’t ready to let it go. That’s fine. But those of you who are ready to let it go, those of you who really, really, really do want to live in peace and love and have everything you ever wanted, that’s the new earth. That’s the new earth. And it’s so, so beautiful. It’s more beautiful than you can even imagine. It’s so much like home. It’s so much like your real home where you come from. And when you move into it, it’s going to be, oh, it’s just going to fill your heart with wonder and love, and we tell you that what this channel tells you is true. Focus on that which you want. Focus on that which you want.


The humans are so complex, and that’s their problem. You really…Someone was saying to the channel a few minutes ago and we will say it again for her, is, life is really very very simple. It’s very, very simple. And when she heard that she thought of the Teletubbies. And the reason she loves the Teletubbies is, and she’s right, they embody everything that’s important in life. You eat, and you hug, and you have love. It’s very, very simple. That’s all life needs to be. It’s not survival. It’s not survival. And you humans need to learn to think in a different way, not to worry about where your next meal comes from, but to have fun. To do what warms your heart. To do what makes you feel really, really good inside. Do those things. And you will find that the more you do that, your troubles will just dissolve. They’ll dissolve. They’ll melt away and they’ll disappear. Because all of your troubles, all of your illnesses and your emotional problems, and everything, is all because of your negative thinking, because you think you can’t have what you want, or you think you can’t feel well, or you think you don’t deserve it, or someone told you you were worthless when you were a child, and so you still manifest the after-effects of that. That’s what this channel’s problem is too. She was told she couldn’t have anything when she was a child, and there’s a part of her that still thinks she can’t have anything. So we work with her on that. And we will work with you on that too.

My dear children, my dear, dear children, if you can reach into your heart, reach deep within your heart, there is the brightest, glowing fire in there, of love. It is the god within you. It is your source. Reach into your hearts. Reach beyond your despair, and find that love within yourself. Find that love within yourself. Find that love, find that within your heart. Find the glow. And if you have covered your heart in stone, if you have stopped being willing to feel because it’s so painful. Well, this isn’t trusting another. This is trusting yourself. Certainly you can trust yourself. The spark of god is within you, right there, in your heart. Focus on that spark. Make yourself still and quiet. Sit down or lie down quietly and just look inside your heart. That’s where god is. And ask any question you like. Not something like, why can’t I, or why doesn’t? Because that just makes more of can’t and doesn’t. But ask, what do I do? And keep still. How do I get what I want? How do I feel better? Ask those questions. The answers are right there, if you keep still. You may not get it on the first try. You may not get it on the first try but you will get it if you keep trying. Not trying hard, real hard, not trying real, real, real hard, no. Just still yourself, calm yourself, and allow the answers to just come into your mind, as they will. They’ll just appear in your mind. They’ll just be there. Do this every day, at least once a day for, oh, 10 minutes, 20 minutes, whatever feels right. Practice being very still and very quiet within yourself. Sit on your bed, lie down, or just relax somewhere. Even lying on your couch petting your cat or your dog or your bird or your gerbil, whatever, a loved pet. They always, because they know they are god, just like your heart knows that you’re god. They will help you connect to yourself if you just idly enjoy their presence while you do this. But focus really inside your heart. That’s what you do. Inside your heart, there. There are all the answers to your life, everything. All the healing, all the love, all the answers. 

Then, from Michael: I think my friend likes the stage as much as I do. She does, actually, but that’s okay. I want to tell you, my fans and anyone else who might be listening right now, or reading, I think she’s going to transcribe this, but I want to tell all of you how much I love you. Those of you who still grieve me, please, there is nothing to grieve. There is nothing to grieve. So please, please stop grieving me. If you really feel you must cry over me, well then I guess you must, but I really want you to step forward out of that at this time. There is such wonderful magnificence going on in your whole planet, what was my planet, in the human life, in humanity. There is so much joy arising out of the earth herself and enveloping all of you. Go ahead and allow your tears to come for any reason, and release your pain that comes from the old earth, and allow the joy to fill you. When I would be on stage, that is how I would feel. That’s why I loved to perform so much. I would step out on the stage and I would just be filled, filled, filled with joy and it would go beyond me. I could almost see it radiating, not from me, but it was like it filled me and it just kept going. And when I sang, it’s like it leapt out of my mouth and into the audience, and everyone on stage with me was filled with the same joy, either coming through their own hearts or from me, because it really just kept going, you know, it didn’t just fill me. It kept going. And I had to dance. How can you feel that joy without dancing? 

You have to dance. I want every one of you to dance. I want every one of you to sing. I want every one of you to sing and dance, every day. This is an instruction. I want you to do this. I want you to sing and I want you to dance, every day. No matter how the day has gone, no matter how you feel, no matter how stupid you feel, just do it. Your body wants you to do it. Your soul wants you to do it. It’s who you are. It doesn’t have to be professional. It doesn’t have to be what you think just sounds perfect. It doesn’t have to be anything of the sort. Just…Sing and dance. Because that is the expression of the god that you are, or if you prefer, that is the expression of the part of god that lives within you. And it doesn’t have to be my music. Really. It can be if that’s what you like, but it can be any music. Just, you need to sing and dance, every day. Every day.

I have so much love for you. If you could just feel it. I hope you can. I tried to show you. I tried to give it to you. I think many of you did feel it, but I want you to feel *your* love too, the god within *you*. Feel it from there too. We all share it. We’re all one really. You know that. I just want you to know the joy I felt on stage. I don’t mean you have to go on stage. You don’t have to go on stage, but that was where I felt joy the most. That was where I was the god inside me, and as humans you have taken this very dense form and you’ve been raised, most of you, to believe in a lot of rules, and a lot of what you can do, and what you can’t do, you must this and you mustn’t that. Some of you have some very, very difficult times in your lives. Some of you can’t even get up and dance. But maybe part of you can, you know, whatever part of you that can move can dance, and you can dance inside your imagination. But if you are physically able to do it, please, every day dance, every day. Because you have to know joy. You have to know joy. If you have a life that’s difficult, put joy into it. Sing, and dance. 

Alex wants more. She wants a longer channel. Well, what else can I tell you today? I’m filling her with love and I’m feeling is so much, so so much, so much. I want your hearts to be full of god’s love. I want you to be aware of how full of love you really are. I want you to release whatever pain, or resentment, or anger, or other negative emotion you have. Release it. If you want to cry it out, cry it out. If you just need to move things, you know, dance, and it will move that stuff, it will move emotion. Alex and I both know that. We both had difficult childhoods, and if we hadn’t had dancing, it’s true for me as it was for her, what would we ever have done? I was allowed to express myself in song and dance, and I was very, very lucky that way. Because to just have a childhood like that without some joy to balance it, to make it bearable, is just terrible. So no matter what your life is like, find joy somewhere. Sing and dance. Every day. Every day. 

I love you. I love you all. I love you all so much. I love you all so much more. I love you all, Most. I cannot express in words how I feel, but take those words, put them in your heart, and multiply them by millions. Millions and millions and millions. And that’s how much I love you, and more. Thank you. Thank you for being there. Thank you for listening to me. Thank you for loving. And know, please, please know that I hear every single one of you. You don’t have to go to Alex, or anyone, and say please tell michael this for me, please tell michael that for me. You tell me. You tell me directly. I hear you. I am never far from you. I am never apart from you. We are all part of each other. I love you so much. Every one of you. Every single one of you. And I see some of you saying no, no, you can’t love me. I’m not lovable. No one can love me. No no. I do love you. And you are lovable, every single one of you. Take that into your heart. Take that with you. I embrace every single one of you. Every one. If it helps you, picture yourself as the YANA girl. Be the YANA girl all the time. Feel my embrace, for you always have it. You always have it. I love you.


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Message from Spirit 21 November 2012

21 November 2012


Meditate, meditate, meditate. This is our advice for you at this time. We want you to know that it is of prime importance right now, as you enter the new age, the fifth dimension, that you meditate. Every day. Every. Single. Day. At least once. This will help you to advance your frequencies as they need to be advanced. This will prompt you to the correct diet for you, for each one of you is a bit different in that need, but your body will tell you what it needs. But you must meditate in order for your body to be able to communicate with you. Whatever it is you need to do physically, your body will tell you, if you tune in to it. Whatever you need to do spiritually will be asked of you, but you need to be open to it. Thus you need daily meditation. Clear and align your chakras. Be silent and still so you can allow words and images to come to you. These are information that is yours to have.

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In which Michael reciprocated and took me on my own power journey and gave me the torch

From my personal journal:

7 September 2011


I just did a journey with michael.  He turned up during my meditation.  When I got to the solar plexus chakra, suddenly Michael was with me and he wanted to take me somewhere.  And I said I have to finish the chakras.  He has a tendency to be a bit impatient, so he entered my body and waited there.  When I got to the crown chakra, Michael got *really* impatient.  And Shirl (ey MacLaine, whose guided meditation I was following) is saying to go beyond your understanding.  It seems to be that she wants you to leave your body, so Michael says, yeah, let’s go.  We went together out in space, where I always go until the guided part of the meditation was over, and then into the water.  We dove in and swam.  When we landed we were on our feet together, but as one, but as two.  There was a wooden door the shape of a keyhole, which we walked through, and then straight to the back of whatever the room was.  There was a podium, on top of which was a golden ring that glowed/sparkled/shone brightly, and next to the podium a golden chair like the one at Neverland.  I sat in the chair and became enrobed while sitting there.  The robe was red, and my favorite color is purple.  He said,  you want purple?  It doesn’t matter.  But really I think it did.  The robe stayed red, but I might make it purple another time.  And Michael got a crown and put it on my head, so I’m King/Queen too.  He always called me his brother, but this time he called me his sister.  But really, both of us are both sexes.  He said, it doesn’t matter.  You can be either sex.  


Oh.  I forgot.  When we First came through the door we were outside.  It looked like Candyland.(you know that kid’s game?)  There were lollipops growing everywhere.   We each had a grape one.  The lollipop sticks were our height, but when we picked them they were the right size for us to eat. And there were rides, like at Neverland, only it was my place.  The place was my place.  We got some ice cream and rode on a ferris wheel.



I never had a journey like the one with michael, NEVER.  It was so magical, and I never had one for myself like the one today.  He said he’d been crowned (in the other journey) and it was my turn because I’m a king too.  He has passed me the torch.  I’ve come into my own power.


 Later that morning, he said to me, Why do you think I wore all those things (in his earthly MJ lifetime)?  (and subtly, because I was  telling myself….)


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In Which I Take Michael on a Journey, 15 March 2010

Dear sisters, This is the transcript of a shamanic journey Michael and I went on together some time ago.  At first I felt the need to keep it private, but Michael has said he would love for it to be shared.  I’m keeping it relatively private now, as I think there are a lot of people who are not ready to see it.  Until now, only one other person has seen it.  It has great meaning for me, and is sacred.



Journey with and For Michael, 3/15/2010

Journey began around 2 a.m., ended about 2:45 a.m.



First: Which animal is the guide? First I saw a large hookbill. At first I thought it was an eagle, maybe a golden eagle. Then I saw that it had morphed into a hornbill. Then I saw a Swan. In front of us was a lake. I said, oh, water. Are we journeying in water, as I did for Inesita? Yes, water. Then I saw a dolphin. Would we be riding a dolphin on our journey? No. The Swan became a Swan boat, and I said, c’mon, It has to be an animal guide, not a boat shaped like an animal. Michael had been creating inanimate vehicles to choose from, including a little airplane like the one in Leave Me Alone. And then, I saw The Swan open her back so that we could step in and ride in her. We got in the Swan and went partway across the lake. Then we dove in. I saw green/blue bubbles, all little bubbles in a group, beautiful shades of light blue and green, on the left as we looked ahead. I can’t remember what was to the right. The bubbles were pretty but they were not where we were going. As we began our descent, I saw a flash or two of the Dangerous album cover. I knew it was a warning, but ignored it.


Everything was in lovely shades of blue and green, and everything was light. There was no dark. I’ve never seen anything like it before.


Somewhere in here, I don’t remember exactly when, I was asked if I was sure I wanted to do this journey. I think it was actually before we landed. Of course I did.


Eventually we reached what looked like a sort of landing pad, of sea plants that looked like anemones, with those long stalks, many of them. They were rooted as they should be, but lying down on their sides. At first I saw them like a sort of runway in white/light/some color, but then they unfolded as I heard music from the Wizard of Oz, this music: Optimistic Voices. Here are the lyrics:


You’re out of the woods, You’re out of the dark, You’re out of the night.

Step into the sun, Step into the light.

Keep straight ahead for the most glorious place

On the Face of the Earth or the sky.

Hold onto your breath, Hold onto your heart, Hold onto your hope.

March up to the gate and bid it open.


The sea plants were really munchkin-like people, and I could see their faces in the tops of the “anemones” as they unfolded. Now we were out of the Swan and standing at a large gate. There were a few guards, little people, milling around, and one main guard, also a little person, with a uniform on of black pants and red coat, lounging in a chaise longue, not interested in moving. He said, pointing, “you have to go there.” Looking a bit to the right, we spotted an amusement park ride. With no hesitation from Michael, because it was an amusement park ride, we got in one of the cars, and went around and around and around, until the ride stopped. Then we were shown a tunnel to get into. It was round, and ribbed, translucent, and surrounded by clear, blue water, with amazing-looking, colorful marine fish, the likes of which I’ve never seen before. The tunnel was filled with rushing, bubbly water. Michael wanted to get right into the tunnel, but I held him back, saying, “Look, you have no control in there. You can’t see where it’s going. It just takes you and carries you wherever it wants.” This discussion did take a little bit of time. The word lengthy is in my handwritten addendum, as this: “a rather lengthy discussion and observation of the tunnel, fish, our surroundings, and where we needed to go next.”


Somewhere in all this, this happened: At one point (which exact point in time I don’t remember), while Michael and I were down in the place that held his power, women started floating up. One looked like Glinda in bluish white. One looked like Glinda in blue. They just floated up by us and kept going. I saw a few other women in that scene. I looked at him. Michael, it figures, there’d be lots of women in your journey. I feel like this particular scene happened outside the gate where the guards were.


We then walked back to the lazy guard, and Michael said, “What do I have to do to get this gate open?” The guard said, “Open it.” Michael reached for and took hold of the gate, and opened it. It was that simple.


We walked into a chamber, shaped like half a dome, or like an amphitheatre, and for some reason right now I’m thinking the word, clamshell, with a sort of altar at the far end. The altar was a round, black base, that looked a lot like black marble, or maybe some other stone, because it was solid black, maybe 3 feet or so wide, and a suitably large oval object sitting on top of the base. The oval object was glowing a sort of green in the center, and had black spider feet wrapped around it. It glowed like an ember, as though behind darkness. The more we looked at it, the more a spider became apparent, first those legs, then the body, a big black spider with a dark green button on its back. When the spider was completely apparent, we no longer saw the glow, which was now obscured. Michael pressed the button. The chamber became darker and darker. In the process of this, we saw, as if we were standing outside the “dome” looking at its surface, although we were inside it, blackness with lines of many colors running through it. Then we saw eyes coming up from the surface of the “dome,” each one couched in a semi-oval background. One or a few would appear, then disappear, then more, then more, and this went on for probably a minute or so. With time, the dome, inside and out, was completely black. We could not see anything at all. Michael stood at my left, and we held hands. He said to me, “Don’t worry. I am here. I will keep you safe. I will protect you.” One of us said something about not letting go of hands. I thought, he’s already demonstrating power. I began to hear the song lyric, Just don’t let go of my hand. In that instant, he did let go and stepped forward onto the pedestal.


Note: I remember that he actually told me on two occasions, “Don’t worry. I am here. I will keep you safe. I will protect you.” The two occasions were near each other. Maybe one was as we walked into the darkness, and this was the second. I recall that we were holding hands as we entered the “dome.”


Once he stepped up, he was facing me. He lit up, as if made of light rather than flesh, and he appeared 2 or 3 times his normal size. He kept changing color. In fact, at first he looked like a whitish stone, with some dark flecks. Then he was just light, white, blue, green, purple. I was awed at the sight of him, the beauty of him, his magnificence.


I was thinking of how very different and fantastical this was from my own power retrieval of some years ago, and received the message, “What did you expect? This is Michael — Wizard of Oz, colors (all pastel colors, in this journey, btw, aside from the uniform and the colored lines we saw on the outside of the dome), magic, light shows. (thought now: DUH)


Michael is now looking kingly, wearing king’s clothing, holding a staff, still changing colors, and the last color was gold. I said, “You really are a king.” He said yes, sort of quietly, as if only now realizing it himself.


He stepped down from the pedestal, still a king but without the light show. He’s Michael as I recognize him again, as he’s been since we’ve been in this world, with the long wavy/curly hair that lays just at the back of his neck. His beauty takes my breath away. He embraced me, and said, “You have risked your life for me. You were presented with danger and cause for fear and never wavered. Thank you.” He was truly, immensely grateful. He was awed by my love. His embrace was full, firm, and very, very real. He said, “You will always be at my right hand.” I asked, “What about your wife?” (?Call me the ever guilty? Knowing their relationship, I don’t want to leave her out) He said, “She is my queen. She is one with me. If I were King Arthur, you would be my Knight (pun intended).” I said/thought, NOT Lancelot. I also thought, round table, no head, befitting Michael’s egalitarian attitude and his humility. He repeated his thank you to me. He embraced me. He was awed at my courage and my willingness to give all for him.


We walked back to the Swan, and stepped in for the ride back. At that moment, he became “just” Michael — V-necked white t-shirt, ponytail, looking like he did in “In the Closet.” But, there was a change. Although looking much the same, with the same genuineness, friendliness and smile, he carries a confidence he used to lack. Now he knows his power. His power has been integrated into him, with his soul, as it should be. That happened on the pedestal. The Swan took us back, back through the water, the bubbles, up to the surface, and back to the shore, where we disembarked, thanked our guides, and the journey was ended.


Michael stayed with me for a while, as I found paper by the bed and wrote all this down. His love stays with me still. Today I feel very much uplifted, very much full of heart energy, very warm and loved.


My current thought, a short while after I finished transcribing this, is now he is ready to lead.


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